Discretionary Management

Our discretionary service is highly flexible and brings the full capabilities of our global experiences and expertise to your portfolio. We provide a tailored investment solution wherein we formulate an appropriate strategy based on our understanding of your individual investment parameters, circumstances, aspirations and risk profile.

We have a disciplined investment process with a history of success and, as independent managers, we are confident in our team’s ability to deliver performance. We base our process around proprietary investment analysis systems together with a macro top-down view provided by the investment team. We are focused on the management of risk within each client portfolio, and on capital preservation at all times, following that each portfolio’s characteristics are defined by your individual circumstances and objectives.

We construct discretionary portfolios on a multi-asset, multi-manager basis, with the frequent use of ETFs, or by using direct securities. This is determined by together understanding which type of portfolio would be more suitable for you. Similarly, portfolios can be benchmarked or non-benchmarked depending on what you are trying to achieve. Client portfolios can be based in US Dollars, GBP Sterling or Euros.

We take day-to-day responsibility for the management of your assets, and are proactive and clear in all communications. We will take your opinions into account but we are ultimately responsible for the management of your monies.

We are available to discuss portfolio progress at any time and encourage your involvement through regular face-to-face meetings and telephone contact whilst reporting the results to you at least quarterly, versus any agreed benchmarks.  We feel it important that clients have direct access to the investment team, as opposed to a client relationship manager, in order that they are closer to the decisions being made within their portfolio. Valuations can also be produced on an ad-hoc basis and, in addition, we have a secure on-line valuations facility that allows you to view your portfolio whenever you would like.

We charge an annual management fee for this service, and your assets will be held with our global custodian for which there is a further small annual management fee. Due to the institutional nature of our business, all fees tend to be keen compared to the market place. A major tenet of our business is fully transparent pricing which we discuss in detail with clients at the outset of the relationship.